Promoting Quality Auditing in Virginia



VLGAA Conference History

Spring 2021Virtual
  • Recent Audit and Inspection Projects at OSIG, Mike Taylor and Camille Breland (Click Here for Presentation
  • Case Study of Fraud and Waste Investigation at an Austin Public Library, Brian Molloy and Michael Yamma (Click Here for Presentation)
  • Era of Disruption - The Emerging Role of Internal Audit, Terry Grafenstine 
  • Fraud Risk and Response Considerations for Grants Administration, Rob Churchman and Nick Stone (Click Here for Presentation)
  • Annual and Project Plans - Making Audit Planning More Efficient, Drummond Kahn
Fall 2019
Spring 2019
Virginia Beach
  • Personally Identifiable Information, Matthrew Simons and Ryan Kohan, SCH Group
  • Cybersecurity Risk: Enhance your Awareness, Anthony Dibiulian, SCH Group
  • Governmenting Auditing Standards- Yellow Book Changes, Jay Poole, City Auditor Chesapeake
  • Basics to Performing a Value Added IT Audit, Edwin Caron, Guidehouse
  • Energy Audits - How You Can Save Your Locality Millions of Dollars, Lori Herrick, City of Virginia Beach
Fall 2018
Spring 2018
Virginia Beach
  • Using Data Analytics for Fraud Detection, CliftonLarsonAllen
  • Panel Discussion - Working with the Media, Tim Eberly & Jason Marks
  • Conducting an Audit of Risk Management, Gretchen Hudome & Jeff Rodarmel
  • Municipal Auditing and Change Readiness in the New Millennium, Dr. Mary Jo Burchard
Fall 2017
  • Contract Management, Lorie Newton
  • Data Analysis Tools, Terrence Wilson
  • Audit Software Implementation, Sam Pranckus, Matthew Dini, & Stephanie Bookheimer
  • Overview of Fraud and Interview Techniques & Fraud Investigations, John Hanson & Michael East
Spring 2017
  • A Call to Arms: Audit's Role in the (Ongoing) Cyber Wars, and Good (to Bad) to Great - Building (and Keeping) a World Class Audit Organization, Theresa Grafenstine
  • COSO and the Green Book: Internal Controls in the Government Arena and Yellow Book Exposure Draft, Rob Churchman & Jay Poole
  • The Tenets of ISO 9001:2015 in an Audit Program: Identifying Risks & Your Responsibilities, David Finke
  • Root Cause Analysis, Terry Upshur
  • Surviving our City Audit (from a Used-to-Be Auditor), Lisa Vanlandingham
Fall 2016
  • Creative Problem Solving, Danny Goldberg
  • Critical Thinking, Danny Goldberg
  • Cyber Security: Identifying Risks & Your Responsibilities, Neal Beggan
  • Follow the Money, Kathryn Rinker
  • Electronic Case File, Kathryn Rinker
  • Various Fraud Cases, Craig Johnson
Spring 2016
Virginia Beach
  • Practical Creativity – From Pie-in-the-Sky to Boots-on-the-Ground, Mike Jacka
  • Thirty or So Tips for Writing Quality Audit Reports, Mike Jacka
  • Size Matters and Other Considerations for Designing Great PowerPoint Presentations
  • Behind the Doors: Auditing your Police, Property, and Evidence Room, Lyndon Remias and Tony Markun
  • Continued - Auditing your Police, Property, and Evidence Room, Lyndon Remias and Tony Markun
Fall 2015
  • Using Control Self-Assessment in the Audit Offic
  • Database Security and Threats
  • Trust Me...I'm A Skeptic!
  • Selecting the Best Audit Samples Using Microsoft Excel Analytics
  • Fraud--Current Trends
  • Hot Topics – The Office of the State Inspector General
Spring 2015
Virginia Beach
  • Fraud Detection
  • Insights on governance and Local Government Auditing…in South Africa
  • Virginia Conflict of Interest Act
  • Easy Audits…Big Results
  • Audit Round Table
  • Security Event Monitoring – Finding the Needle
Fall 2014
  • The Art of the Finding
  • Ethics and Compliance Programs and How to Audit them
  • GAO Green Book
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • ALGA Peer Review Workshop
Spring 2014
Virginia Beach
  • Using Data Analysis to Detect Fraud and Errors
  • Put GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to work in your Audits
  • Understanding Records Management
  • Audit Roundtable

Fall 2013


  • Alphabet Soup:  GRC, ERA, ARA, ITRA, and IA - How to Connect the Dots
  • Pension Issues
  • Jail Fail (An Unlikely Success Story)

Spring 2013

Virginia Beach
  • Developing Value Added Audit Objectives and Audit Programs
  • Best Practices for Internal Audit Departments 
  • Auditing your Escalating Energy Costs
  • Challenges to Auditor Independence
Fall 2012
  • Integrity in Government
  • Emerging IT Risk
  • Conducting and Defending your Investigations
  • Preparing for your Peer Review
Spring 2012
Virginia Beach
  • Managing an Effective & Efficient Audit Department
  • Preventing Accounts Payable Fraud - Best Practices in Internal Auditing
  • Performing an Effective Audit of the Fire Department
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse Lesson Learned
Fall 2011
  • Audit Roundtable
  • Yellow Book - What You Need To Know - Marcia Buchanan, GAO Assistant Director - Financial Management and Assurance
  • Audit Consideration in the Cloud - Erik Boxhoorn, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP
  • Virginia School Division Efficiency Review - Terry Stone, Director of Financial Operations, Hanover County Public Schools
  • Fraud Update - Umesh Dalal, City Auditor, City of Richmond; Chris Kalafatis, Audit Manager, City of Richmond
Spring 2011


  • A 10-Step Imperative for Thriving in a challenging Economy
  • Disaster Recovery and business Continuity: Best Practices and Tips for the Audit Professional
  • Show me the Money! Conducting a Real Estate Audit
  • Spread the good News! AGA's Citizen-Centric Reporting Program
Fall 2010
  • Honest, Competent Government: Fulfilling the Promise of Performance Auditing" - Mark Funkhouser, Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri (Former City Auditor)
  • "Internet Resources for Auditors - Jim Kaplan, Founder and CEO, AuditNet
  • "Hot Topics from the APA" - Walt Kucharski, Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts
  • "Show me the Money! - Lyndon S. Remias, City Auditor of Virginia Beach
Spring 2010
Prince William
  • OPIC VLGAA Presentation - Competing Perspectives (April 2010)
  • OPIC VLGAA Presentation - Procurement Hot Topics (April 2010)
  • OPIC VLGAA Presentation - Procurement Lifecycle (April 2010)

December 8, 2009

Conference Call
  • FREE School Roundtable
October 1-2, 2009
  • ALGA Peer Review, Auditing for Fraud
May 21, 2009
  • Fraud Case Studies; High Impact Report Writing; Impact of this Economy on Local Gov't; Government;Auditor's Role in the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act"
    • Data Privacy - "How Private is it?
    • A Case of Procurement Card Fraud
    • Payroll Fraud & Continuous Monitoring Activities
    • Addressing State and Local Fiscal Challenges Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    • Recession: Impact to Local Economy
    • High Impact Report Writing for Government Auditors
    • Marketing the MessageSubway Safety: Protecting our Citizens
October 17, 2008
  • Adding Value...What Value?
  • Testing IT Controls
  • Your Identify
  • Unwanted Consequences - Don't create new risks.
May 14, 2008
Glen Allen
  • Joint AGA and VLGAA conference
  • Download PowerPoint Presentations
  • -DSIA - The State Employee Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline 4-30-08.ppt
  • -GAO VLGAA AGA Richmond.ppt
  • -Henrico AGA VLGAA presentation.ppt
  • -Henrico, VA presentation.ppt-VCE AGA PRESENTATION MAY08.ppt
October 17, 2007
  • Fraud Hotlines, Yellow Book vs Red Book
April 25, 2007
  • Ethics - The Rules and Reality
May 1-2, 2006
  • Telling Your Story, Measuring What You Manage Thru Performance Reporting; Hand in Hand, Working Together; Tax Exmpt and Gov't Entities
October 3 - 4, 2005
  • Increasing Auditor Awareness in Recognizing & Detecting Fraud
April 14 - 15, 2005
Virginia Beach
  • Risk-based Audit Planning and Evolving Roles of Auditors in Performance Measurements
Oct 18-19, 2004
  • Compendium of Internal Controls, Commonwealth Attorney's Office, Fleet Management, Linking Risk Analysis to Audit Check Lists, and Things to Consider in a Human Resources Audit
May 24-25, 2004
  • NALGA Conference
Oct 3, 2003
  • Roundtable
April 18, 2003
  • Internet Security, Business Process, Yellow Book
Oct 4, 2002
Newport News
  • Consulting (IIA)
May 31, 2002
  • Controls in Electronic Environment, Risk Assessment, Best Practices
Oct 5, 2001
  • Government Auditing; Internet Searches; Standards; State Efforts
Apr 20, 2001
Virginia Beach
  • e-Government and Communications
Oct 6, 2000
  • High Impact Auditing; Practices That Pay;
Jun 1-2, 2000
  • Auditing Performance Outcomes
Oct 14-15, 1999
  • Quick Response Auditing; White Collar Crime; Great Steal
Apr 16, 1999
  • FLSA; How Audit Shops Add Value Panel
Oct 16, 1998
Newport News
  • How to Evaluate Soft Controls
Apr 17, 1998
  • Local Government Auditing & Technology
Oct 17, 1997
  • Government Auditing in 2000
Apr 24-25, 1997
Virginia Beach
  • Auditing in a Client Server Environment
Oct 11, 1996
  • Environmental Auditing
Apr 25-26, 1996
  • Increase Effectiveness in Recognizing & Detecting Fraud for Government Auditors; Construction Auditing for Cost Recoveries
Oct 20, 1995
  • Using Personal Computers in Audit Environment; Audit Issues Involving Client Server Technology; Marketing the Internal Audit Department
May 15-16, 1995
Virginia Beach
  • NALGA Conference
Oct 21, 1994
  • Performance Auditing; Government Reform Strike Force; APA on Fraud
Apr 22, 1994
Newport News
  • Government Auditing Standard Changes; Fraud Detection
Oct 8, 1993
  • Risk Assessment; Software Copyright Compliance
May 7, 1993
  • Role of Internal Auditors; PC Assisted Audit Techniques; Effective Presentation Skills
Oct 9, 1992
  • Service Efforts & Accomplishments; High Payback Audits
May 8, 1992
Virginia Beach
  • Risk Management; Integrated Control Framework; NALGA Quality Control Review
Oct 18, 1991
  • Local Government Fraud Topics; Performance Auditing
Apr 19, 1991
Prince William
  • NSAA Peer Review Program
Oct 19, 1990
  • Developing EDP Audit Capability
Apr 20, 1990
Newport News
  • Quality Assurance; Organization Reporting; Internal/External Audit Relationship
Oct 20, 1989
  • Manager Perspective on Internal Audit; Fraud & Internal Audit Responsibility; Conducting Fraud Audits
Apr 20, 1989
  • Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act; Va Directive 1-87 on Internal Control
Oct 21, 1988
  • Quality Assurance Preparation